OMG has always shown interest in developing so-called special products, which can meet very selective technical requirements (also outside the main Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical markets). Thousands of units installed of the following executions deserve particular attention:


-  special execution pump for high temperature molten sulphur (150 °C) with integral jackets, cooling device for plunger, safe coupling between pump and motor including torque limiter, developed into an extended range of capacity,
- special execution pump for beverage industry, usually developed by two pumps with indipendent stroke adjustment, the first with high capacity for water (double effect pump), the second with lower capacity for syrup (traditional simple effect pump), all wetted materials FDA certified, one only common electric motor, and power transmission,
- special execution pump for high pressure services (more than 300 barG) powered by diesel engine (f.i. mobile pump for hydrostatic tests).


OMG is able to manufacture the entire range of products with special materials for pumps’ wetted parts; all plastics, all steels, titanium, nickel alloys ( f.i. Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276) etc. are in stock and daily managed, allowing short delivery time.

OMG realize a range of accessories to be supplied togheter with OMG pumps:


-  back pressure valves, designed for low pressure applications, to be used whenever discharge pressure is lower than 1.5 bar (available in different sizes and materials),
- calibration pots to be installed on process suction side to detect pump capacity (available in different volumes and materials).


These a.m. special products as well as these loose supplied accessories are always made in-house.