API 675 double diaphragm metering pumps, versatile, high efficiency precise and noiseless with intermediate hydraulic control circuit, characterized by their structural simplicity and easy maintenance:


-  four models with capacity ranging from 20 to 600 l/h, with discharge pressure ranging from 10 to 25 barg,
- continuous capacity adjustment, from 0 to 100% with pump idle or operating,
- groupable in multiplex units,
- patented capacity adjustment system, with fixed stroke and connecting rod-cam system / mechanical piston return stroke and capacity control by flow bypass,
- maximum allowable thrust 3.200 N,
- double diaphragm sandwich type arrangement, with an intermediate oil film,
- facility for fitting an alarm probe, an alarm switch or pressure gauge to detect diaphragms failure,
- pump body made of metal or plastic, diaphragms made of PTFE,
- worm-gear reducer separate from the crank mechanism,
- continuous stroke adjustment, manual or automatic, with pump at rest or in operation ; linear adjustment scale with local reading display.