API 675 plunger and double diaphragm metering process pumps, designed to assure the greatest reliability in heavy duties:


-  manufactured according to API 675 Std., “non lost-motion” type construction,
- continuous adjustment of capacity, from 0 to 100% while the pump is at rest or in operation,
- metering accuracy better than 1% over the normal operating range from 10 to 100% of capacity,
- patented capacity adjustment system, with mechanical plunger return stroke,
- completely enclosed crankcase made of cast iron,
- groupable in multiplex units,
- two series available:
  DOXA.L with max allowable thrust 2.000 N (design 2.500 N),
  DOXA.M with max allowable thrust 7.000 N (design 9.000 N),
-  double diaphragm sandwich type arrangement available (diaphragms hydraulically actuated by means of an hydraulic circuit with relief and replenishment valves),
- PTFE or metal diaphragms, with facility for local or remote diaphragm leakage detectors,
- two types of diaphragm liquid ends:
  type DS – PTFE double diaphragm sandwich type, i.e. with an oil film between the diaphragms,
  type MM – metal double diaphragm sandwich type, mainly used for low capacity and high pressure and temperature services,
- manual or automatic stroke control, with pump at rest or in operation ; linear adjustment scale with local reading display.